Parents Advocating Student Success, Inc. (PASS)

Mission and Purpose

PASS, or Parents Advocating Student Success, Inc. is a private, not-for-profit organization that is autonomous from the Verona Area School District (VASD).

The primary role of PASS is to grow and maintain relationships with the Verona Area School District (VASD), the Verona Area School Board (VASB) and Verona and surrounding communities. 

PASS does this by:

  • Holding the Verona Area Core Knowledge Charter School's charter contract with VASD
  • Working with the district on contract updates and renewal every 5 years
  • Assuring continued contract compliance
  • Generating funding opportunities for the CKCS Endowment Fund held through Madison Community Foundation
  • Distributing the distributions from the CKCS Endowment Fund to the school

The PASS Board of Directors consists of five volunteer parent members who are elected for 1-year terms in an election held by the Parent Round Table (PRT) each spring. Of the five PASS members, two are the Governing Council (GC) President and Treasurer. In addition to the Board of Directors parent volunteers serve as PASS Officers heading committee activities.

Members and Positions


Linda Hmielewski
Board of Directors


Jill Kisting
Board of Directors

Vice President

Coleen Rupnow
Board of Directors


Marcia Tennyson
Board of Directors

GC Representative

Joleen Rau
Board of Directors

GC Representative

Dave Vogt




Partner with PASS


Established with Madison Community Foundation in 2016, the CKCS Endowment Fund creates long term financial sustainability for our program continuing to grow and generate revenue for the school to maintain materials, classroom needs, operating costs, and scholarships to our alumni.  This fund assures a life time of success for current and future generations of students.  The focus of the first distributions of the Endowment will help expand the CKCS Makerspace.

Inspire Signs

"The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action." - Herbert Spencer 

CKCS is proud to launch it's "Inspire" campaign.  Our Inspire Partners will have the opportunity to cultivate positive thoughts and attitudes through their inspire sign.  Signs will be wall mounted and located outside of CKCS classrooms, offices, and through out the school.  As an Inspire Partner you will select a quote* to have displayed for the 2018-19 school year.  


The 1st CKCS Golf Scramble in 2017 was a huge success with sponsors, golfers, and donors coming together to raise over $5,500 towards the CKCS Endowment Fund.   Our 2nd outing is schedule for August 25th, 2018.


VACKCS.com is an information center for the CKCS families, staff and surrounding communities.

Serve on PASS

PASS has two opportunities to serve - as a Board Director or a Corporate Officer. 

Join a Team

A great way to put your talents to use is to join a PASS Team.  These teams specialize in a variety of areas - Events, Website, Grants, and Community Outreach.

CKCS Relocation 2020


April 25, 2018


Following the April 4th, 2017 vote approving the Verona Area School District’s (VASD) New High School Referendum, Verona Area Core Knowledge® Charter School (CKCS) administration and parent leadership teams began to look ahead at the possible relocation scenarios for the school in the 2020-21 school year. 

In conjunction with CKCS administration, Parents Advocating Student Success, Inc. (PASS) has evaluated input on several scenarios for the upcoming relocation of CKCS in the 2020-21 school year.  The scenarios evaluated were:

  • Scenario 1 – CKCS elementary and middle school (K-8) programs located in the kwing
  • Scenario 2 – CKCS elementary and middle school (K-8) programs located in the current high school building
  • Scenario 3 – CKCS elementary (K-5) program located in the kwing and CKCS middle school (6-8) program located in the current high school building

Over the course of 6 months meetings were held with parents, staff and administration to ensure input from various CKCS vantage points.  These meetings followed the same format of discussing the Pros, Cons, and Questions to each scenario. 

Input was received from the vantage points of:

  • Administration
  • K-8 Educators and Staff
  • Parent leadership
  • Parents of K-8 students
  • K-8 Students

When reviewing the information gathered in the meetings, PASS focused it’s determination in each vantage point within the following areas, in no particular order:

  • Program implementation and integrity (CKCS 20-year plan)
  • Safety
  • Budgetary planning
  • District goals and relationships

The recommendation of PASS to Superintendent Gorrell and the Verona Area School Board is Scenario 2 – CKCS have its elementary and middle school (K-8) programs relocated to the current high school building along with Badger Ridge Middle School (BRMS.)  This enables the CKCS elementary and middle school programs to maximize K-8 program implementation with easy and safe proximity to each other and complementary programs.

On March 19th, 2018 there was a District Remodel Planning Team meeting to begin preliminary conversations about potential relocations and remodeling needs.  Both the CKCS administration and PASS continue to be active in conversations with the district and are represented in these planning phases. 

The tentative timeline on the relocation assignment and remodeling process is:

  • Spring of 2018 - establishing a schematic design
  • Summer 2018 - budget evaluation of the schematic design
  • Fall 2018 - Design development phase
    • Additional staff and parent input may be requested
  • Late January 2019 - Formal bidding and placement confirmation

PASS, in conjunction with the CKCS administration, will continue to post updates here on the progress of the process, timeline adjustments, input needs and the relocation decisions. Please feel free to contact PASS with any questions regarding this process at CKCS.alumni@verona.k12.wi.us or through the contact us link.  

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